Throughout my life, working with dogs and horses has taught me to believe the wonders of being at one with animals. Whatever discipline you require from them only becomes successful when a bond is reached from the animals point of view and not your own.

My first introduction to dogs was at a commercial kennels at the age of 12, Bawneen Dog Ranch was the home of over 200 Poodles, both mins and toys, at the time when Poodles were at the top of the list. It was also the time when breeding terms were unbelievable. My time spent in the meat room cutting up sheep’s heads, taking the brains and tongue out for the puppies together with cutting up lites, smelts and dead calves is something that I will never forget.

On leaving school I went to work for the Old Pekin Kennels of Pekingese and through them I also worked for Kabul Afgans. It was whilst there that I met the great Mr. Egerton, breeder of the Chow Champion Ukwong King Solomon. He also bred Great Danes and they became my first love. The following people gave me good grounding in the show world, Rev’d Davis, Bill Siggers, Jean Lanning, Joe Bradden, Stanley Dangerfield, Ellis Hulme and Dr. Porter and I shall be grateful for knowing them.

A break to have my family reintroduced me to horses and working Springer’s, then a chance conversation introduced me into the world of terriers. Airedale Terriers in particular. With the arrival of Glentops’ Aimin High at Sujoncla and her progeny I realised that terriers were something else. I began showing and breeding Airedale Terriers in 1983, and Irish Terriers since 1996. The natural progression took me into owning my own boarding kennels and cattery which I ran for 16 years.

My first three Irish Terriers came from Mrs. June Symonds of the Gabledown affix, they were Gabledown Pocahontas at Sujoncla (Eve), Gabledown Sitting Bull at Sujoncla (Adam), both sired by Champion Edbrios Duplicate, and from the dam Champion Chantalle’s Tanya of Gabledown. Plus an older male Chantalle’s Drummer Boy at Sujoncla (Drummer) Sire Gabledown All That Jazz of Shallcome, Dam Champion Kerrykeel Rose, Drummer being the foundation male from which all my male line originated from, he was also the older litter brother to Champion Gentleman Joe at Dehra who was Best in Show at the St. Patricks Day Show (Dublin). A further three Bitch puppies arrived at Sujoncla Kennels, Kerrykeel Roisin Dubh at Sujoncla (Clara) Sire Champion Edbrios Duplicate, Dam Kerrykeel Chantalle’s Scarlet O’Hara. Gabledown Belle Fleur at Sujoncla (Ester) Sire Gabledown Apache Brave, Dam Penmire Sparkle. Penmire An Coonan at Sujoncla (Blit) Sire Penmire Sirius, Dam Gabledown Roisin of Penmire.

Sujoncla are a small select kennels who breed Irish Terriers of quality both for the show ring and as family pets, breeding at all times for temperament and type. All Sujoncla breeding dogs are tested for Hereditary Hyperkeratosis and are all certified clear.
My commitment to my dogs and the world of dogs extends to being qualified to award Challenge Certificates in both Airedale and Irish Terriers at Championship Dog Shows.
I have been a committee member of the National Airedale Terrier Association and the Yorkshire and Eastern Counties Airedale Club, and am currently the Chairperson of the Airedale Terrier Breed Council, and a member of the National Airedale judges subcommittee, I have previously held various posts within the Irish Terrier Association Committee. For both breeds I have acted as Rescue Office for numerous years.
Sujoncla Irish Terriers have bred numerous Champions both in the UK and overseas including Champion Sujoncla Powder River who when gaining his Championship status became the youngest UK Irish Terrier Champion.

All my dogs are prepared and handled in the show ring by myself, and loved and chauffeured throughout the country by my best friend and husband John.