Website 30. Jan, 2019

K. Chin

Nice Job!!!!

Website 23. Jan, 2019


Nice content, Great work.

19. Jan, 2019


Hi Susan and John,

You may recall be bought Ruby from you in March 17. Well she's just had her second birthday so I wanted to send you a thank you message. She's a fabulous dog, she's got loads of doggy mates in the neighbourhood and is keeping John and me fit.

Our Best Regards.

Ruby and the Whittle family.

Website 17. Nov, 2018


High quality content.

Website 26. Sep, 2018


I like it!

Website 4. Aug, 2018


very nice

Website 19. Jul, 2018


Very nice work keep it up!

Website 14. Jul, 2018


Your site is so interesting.

Website 22. Jun, 2018

Sarah B.

It's so great to visit your website!!!

Website 23. May, 2018


Magnificent blog, so many wonderful pictures

Website 4. May, 2018


So happy to visit this site.

Great work!!!

Website 28. Mar, 2018


Hi! I love your site. I hope you are doing well.

Website 3. Feb, 2018


Great site, keep up the good work,



Website 17. Oct, 2017


Nice pictures ! :)

Website 1. Sep, 2017


I love dogs very much.

Website 17. Aug, 2017

Vianey Job

I love the pictures you share, and very beautiful web design.

Website 25. Jul, 2017


You are very generous in sharing so much info about an understanding that is very simple, yet, may be hard to grasp for a very tired mind, nice work!

Website 2. Jun, 2017


cute dogs.

8. May, 2017

Vicky Lee

I have no idea how we missed your new look website! Love it - Lots of good reading ahead!

Hope you're all well.

Hugs from V A M & Jessy x

Website 9. Mar, 2017

Brenda Jones

Nice picture here ! Love your ideas!

Website 22. Feb, 2017

Dianna Wilson

So amazing photos, nice site!!!

9. Feb, 2016

Helen Beardsley

1yrs old today! Milo just wanted to say Hi!! He's loving life and living it to the full! Thanks again for giving us a very special, clever & spirited genius - hes a complete joy!! Love to you both and say hello to Lottie & Jimmy from our boy x

4. Aug, 2015

Barbara & Glyn Roberts

Hi Sue, super new website, fantastic photos. Nearly 10 years since we got Cara from you, she's still going strong & is definitely leader of the pack with our other Irish, Megan, who joined us almost 4 years ago. They're best friends & really look out for
each other.

All the Best.

Website 1. Jun, 2015


I like your website a lot, it looks very good and its easy to read the text.

8. May, 2015

Carol Orrow

So late in adding my message...bought my first IT from you..Esther and year...will add another boy from u to my girls...they need controlling since I lost my to you and john see u soon...

Website 23. Feb, 2015

Andrea Gasch, Celtic Crackers-Irish Terriers as you love them

Nice new homepage, Susan. I very much enjoy browsing through it. I am looking forward to the pedigrees. Hope to see you soon again.

Website 19. Feb, 2015

Steve Kennedy

Enjoyed your new website,looking really well.Nice and easy to navigate and well put together.Congratulations Susan and John.

18. Feb, 2015

Andrea Howarth

Enjoyed looking through the new website, it looks great!

Website 18. Feb, 2015

Derek W Pearce and Gill S Leonard

A great new design. We have had several puppies from Susan and they are tops for temperament and work rate. Our Irish terriers live and work on our farm in Crete and they are a permanent positive joy to have around. Susan provides an ongoing support for
us and we truly think of her as a friend as well as a brilliant breeder

Derek & Gill (and Florence and Nora the IT twins)

18. Feb, 2015

Irene Arrizabalaga - Betirish Irish Terriers (Spain)

Nice website!!! Congratulations Susan and John

18. Feb, 2015

Sandy Evans

Looking good! Appreciate your dedication to the best dog breed ever, thanks to people like you our fabulous Irish Terriers will still be around hopefully LONG into the future!

Website 18. Feb, 2015

Alan Norcross

Brilliant Website .

18. Feb, 2015

Louise Caulfield

Susan love the new website and all those gorgeous dogs